Revolutionizing training

Teach, collaborate and learn

Proprio is pioneering improvements in how doctors can teach, collaborate and learn. Teaching physicians how to perform the most intricate procedures is critical. Currently this education depends on a set of disconnected tools and limited practicum in order for them to master highly complex skills.

By capturing an immersive light field enhanced video of any surgery, we enable doctors, students and educators the unprecedented opportunity to interact with real cases. Exposure to this virtual, replicable environment will dramatically improve knowledge sharing and speed the acquisition of mastery, with absolute safety.

Connected for training

Telepresence will also allow remote experts to connect to training doctors—an effective, inclusive, global approach to teaching and operating with the best minds across the world. Additionally, post-operative analysis can allow anyone to immersively experience and follow a first-person replay of the operator’s actions and steps—from any angle, magnification or interval.

Machine learning

As data continue to be collected from live surgeries, Proprio's machine learning algorithms develop ever more accurate and interactive 3D maps of the body and a complete view into the entire procedure.

Neural networks and predictive modeling will enable real-time guidance and path planning based on aggregated understanding of millions of instances from thousands of surgical cases.