A revolutionary platform

Proprio’s ADAPTIVE REGISTRATION™ technology leverages an algorithmic, real-time, multimodal image registration system for the performance of surgery. Our proprietary system is built to harness the power of machine learning and computer vision to improve surgical navigation.

When we can see more clearly, we magnify all of our capacities.

By synthesizing views from multiple sensors, we enable users to navigate surgical environments in 3D.

Proprio is leveraging machine intelligence to augment and enhance human capabilities.

The human anatomy, with its complexity and dynamism is one of the richest and most valuable data sets in the world. We believe that the physician-patient interaction is equally valuable.

Proprio will capture and combine the two in order to better comprehend this multi-layered complexity and provide a set of rich insights to enhance the practice of medicine well into the future.

Today, Proprio is leveraging machine learning to improve the real-time capture and render of immersive live volumetric video of the real world. Think of it as a hyper-accurate 3D canvas of everything.