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We Are Proprio

Our vision is to move the healthcare industry into a future where the next great computational innovation occurs in the field of medicine. We believe every human being has a right to world class medical care. We're working hard to make that dream a reality.

Team Insights

Watch and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at Proprio.

Proprio CEO Gabe Jones

What if the next great technology company began in medicine? That's never happened before. Until now.

We Are Proprio: Nava Aghdasi, PhD

Nava Aghdasi, PhD, Image Processing Engineer, on the magic of Proprio and giving surgeons enhanced visualization.

Dr. Sam Browd on Proprio's Vision

Dr. Sam Browd, Neurosurgeon and Co-founder of Proprio, on the impact Proprio can make to democratize surgery.

Dr. Roee Ber, NYU Langone Health

When a fighter pilot becomes a Neurosurgeon, they see things differently. Meet Dr. Roee Ber, Neurosurgery Resident at NYU Langone Health.