Proprio Announces Completion of World's First Light Field- Enabled Spine Surgery Using its AI-Driven Technology Platform, Paradigm™


SEATTLE, October 16, 2023 - Proprio, a Seattle-based medical technology company, announced today the successful first-in-human use of its surgical technology platform, Paradigm, by Dr. Richard J. Bransford, MD, a global leader in spine surgery and education at University of Washington Harborview Medical Center. With an initial focus on the 1.6 million spinal procedures performed each year in the US, Paradigm is a first-of-its-kind platform fusing light field imaging technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to give surgical teams 3D visualization of both anatomical structures and the surgical environment.

Using an array of advanced sensors and cameras, Paradigm captures high-definition multimodal images during surgery and integrates them with preoperative scans to provide surgeons with real-time mapping of the anatomy. Using the Paradigm platform, surgeons gain access to valuable intraoperative insights and powerful visualization tools. The real-time data provided by Paradigm dramatically improves upon the current status quo, which relies on costly scans that cause dangerous radiation exposure and disrupt the clinical workflow.

"The use of Paradigm in our surgical environment is a game-changer representing the future of spinal surgery,” said Dr. Bransford. “The real-time 3D imagery allowed us to visualize the patient’s anatomy in ways not previously available to us. That will ultimately enable us to drive better outcomes for patients.”

In addition to augmenting navigation capabilities during a procedure, Paradigm also collects large amounts of pre-op and intra-op data to inform future surgical decision-making and improve surgical efficiency and accuracy. “The massive amount of surgical data captured by the Paradigm system has many future applications in supporting surgical training, workflow efficiency, data analytics and quality improvement across virtually all aspects of surgical care,” according to Dr. Sam Browd, Proprio’s Chief Medical Officer and co-founder.  

"The successful first-in-human use of Paradigm marks a pivotal milestone in our journey to enhance the future of surgery,” said Gabriel Jones, CEO and co-founder of Proprio. “We are honored by this validation of the potential of our platform to reshape surgical practices and drive meaningful reductions in costs, increasing access to essential healthcare.”

Proprio's Paradigm secured FDA 510(k) clearance and significant additional funding earlier this year and is being deployed into select leading hospitals across the US and abroad. For more information, visit

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