Proprio Wins 2023 Titan Innovation Award


The MedTech startup is recognized in “Best Digital Health Technology Innovation” category  

SEATTLE, November 20, 2023 - Proprio, a Seattle-based medical technology company, has been named Titan Innovation Awards “Best Digital Health Technology Innovation” of 2023. Proprio received the recognition for its flagship device, Paradigm, and was chosen as the category’s overall winner, in addition to being named a Platinum winner. 

Awarded to the pioneers and disruptors who are driving technological advancements and shaping the future, the TITAN Innovation in Technology Awards recognizes groundbreaking innovations, cutting-edge solutions, and transformative technology designs that are revolutionizing industries.

Proprio was selected for its cutting-edge approach to advancing surgical visualization and navigation. The award recognizes Proprio’s contribution to the field of digital health technology, acknowledging the transformative impact Paradigm will have on the medical industry.

Paradigm employs light field imaging to enhance a surgeon's precision and decision-making during procedures. The system provides real-time, 3D visualization of the surgical field, empowering surgeons with unprecedented insights and improving patient outcomes.

This award category received hundreds of submissions from countries worldwide in 2023, each uniquely showcasing groundbreaking advancements of innovation. Proprio reigned over a large number of competitors, igniting different designs and technologies, soaring to new heights of recognition.

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