Dr. Samuel Browd, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Featured in Imaging Technology News


Proprio’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Samuel Browd, has been featured in Imaging Technology News, in a thought leadership piece entitled, “Time for an X-ray Evolution?”

In the article, Dr. Browd offers his commentary into existing modalities in spinal surgery and the clear need for advancement and innovation in surgical imaging. By utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced imaging technologies, we can get closer to finding new ways to improve workflows and patient care.

“We need to go further with the tools that will carry us into the next century — more sophisticated, data strategy-influenced robotics, augmented/virtual reality and smarter navigation systems. Robot-assisted navigation is only as good as the information that is available to it. With these improvements, surgical navigation technology will be able to better understand where it is operating with a higher quality of data fueling its work, allowing it to “see” more clearly than the existing plug and play type of robots that exist today, which are limited in their scope of abilities.”

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