Neeraj Mainkar, Vice President of Software Engineering & Advanced Technology, featured in InformationWeek


Proprio’s Vice President of Software Engineering & Advanced Technology, Neeraj Mainkar, has been featured in InformationWeek.

Neeraj’s article, Why AI’s Slower Pace in Healthcare Is as It Should Be, discusses that although there is a major push to integrate AI into healthcare, the slower adoption of the technology is critical. Mainkar explains that slower integration of AI into healthcare will result in safer and more efficient technologies.

“Over the next few years, our industry is going to see a push and pull where innovation that exists in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence is happening at a much higher level in academia and other non-medical device applications. The application of that technology into medical devices is going to be behind the curve, simply because we need to approach AI implementation carefully. There are significantly higher stakes when human lives are involved.”

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