Proprio Announces Strategic Partnership with Biedermann to Revolutionize Surgery Through AI-Powered Guidance


Medtech AI leader further expands platform with Biedermann collaboration to dramatically accelerate innovation in spine surgery

SEATTLE, April 9, 2024 - Proprio, the leader in AI-powered surgical technology, today announced a landmark multi-phase partnership with the Biedermann Group,  the prominent innovator in next generation spinal implant systems and procedural solutions. Initially, the companies will collaborate to integrate Biedermann's advanced spinal implants with Proprio’s Paradigm system, which harnesses AI, computer vision, and augmented reality to provide unprecedented real-time visualization and guidance to surgeons in the operating room.

Proprio’s Paradigm system represents a quantum leap in surgical navigation, offering surgeons real-time, 3D anatomical visualization that adapts to changes in the patient’s body positioning during the procedure. By capturing and analyzing vast amounts of data, Paradigm aims to dramatically improve surgical precision, workflow, decision-making, and ultimately patient outcomes.

The integration of Biedermann’s cutting-edge spinal implant technologies with Paradigm’s AI-driven insights and immersive 3D navigation is expected to redefine the standard of care in spine surgery. The collaboration aims to enhance surgical accuracy and efficiency, reduce radiation exposure, and provide an unprecedented wealth of intraoperative data to inform surgical decision-making. This partnership reflects the companies' commitment to advancing patient care through transformative innovation.

Proprio’s initial focus on spinal surgery is driven by the immense need for technological advancements in this field. With over 1.6 million spinal procedures performed annually in the United States alone, and the global spinal surgery market expected to reach $16.7 billion by 2027 (source: Grand View Research), there is a massive opportunity to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through innovative surgical technologies.

“This collaboration with Biedermann will further increase the Paradigm platform’s unique capabilities to positively impact patient results through data-based planning and performance. At Proprio, we are committed to providing surgeons with only the best possible tools. We are excited to accelerate this critical partnership with Biedermann so that clinicians and patients alike can benefit from our advanced surgical guidance capabilities,” said Gabriel Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Proprio.

“We’re thrilled to work together with Proprio, given our shared commitment to producing exceptional products and technologies and revolutionizing spine surgery,” said Markku Biedermann, Chairman and CEO of Biedermann Motech Inc. “We believe that the unique combination of our next generation implant technologies with Proprio's advanced surgical platform will enable surgeons to accomplish things they haven't been able to before. Our collaborative research will focus on how the fusion of technology can have a profound and beneficial impact on surgical processes and results, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.”

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Proprio is a leading medical technology company creating a new way of seeing™ in surgery. Using advances in light field computer vision and AI, the Proprio Paradigm system synthesizes views from multiple inputs for navigating anatomy and surgical environments in 3D. Proprio’s goal is to dramatically improve clinical and economic outcomes by unlocking both the ability to capture advanced data and the potential of that data to inform more predictive and prescriptive intelligence in surgery. Proprio is backed by leading healthcare and technology investors, including DCVC, BOLD Capital Partners, Bird B. AG, Intel, HTC, and Alan Frazier, founder of Frazier Healthcare Partners.


The Biedermann Group is a mid-sized, family-owned group of companies, whose roots go back to 1916. Biedermann researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality implant systems in collaboration with healthcare professionals, technology partners, scientific institutions, and specialized companies with the goal of achieving improved clinical outcomes. It is also the owner and guardian of a substantial patent and technology portfolio for specialized orthopedic markets. For the last 30 years, Biedermann has successfully licensed numerous patents and related technologies to several key players in the orthopedic and neurosurgical field. /


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