Proprio’s Unique Approach to Surgical Navigation Featured in MedTech Strategist


We’re thrilled to share that Co-founder and CEO Gabriel Jones and VP of Product Management and Marketing Tommy Carls have been featured in the May issue of MedTech Strategist, in a feature titled “Proprio: Illuminating Robotic Spinal Surgery.”

Jones and Carls, spoke to reporter Colin Miller about what makes Paradigm unique.

“Proprio’s goal is to homogenize outcomes in spinal surgery by using AI to compensate for human variables such as training and experience level. In doing so, the company hopes to create value in the OR via a continuum of care that links electronic medical records, preoperative diagnostic scans, intraoperative data, and postoperative intelligence in an unprecedented fashion.”

“Everything needs to be smart and digital now,” says Jones, “a connection to some sort of back end that gives an idea of what was done in the surgery and how it impacted the outcome, connecting the patient, insurer, and payor network, which doesn’t exist right now.”

Read more about Proprio’s revolutionary technology here.

The full MedTech Strategist article can be found here.