Tommy Carls, Proprio VP of Product Management & Marketing, featured in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare


Proprio’s Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, Tommy Carls has been featured in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare.

Carls’ article, Engineering With Empathy: Medtech’s Missing Piece in the OR, discusses the critical role that empathy plays in the product development process. While empathy has long been a part of patient-facing healthcare practices, Carls reiterates the importance for engineers and developers to intentionally incorporate empathy into their decision-making.

“Professionals in patient-facing roles generally have more understanding of empathy than professionals in technical product development roles. However, engineers have significant influence over product design that ultimately has the potential to impact millions of people. Throughout the product development process, the consideration of empathy and an engineering team’s ability to understand or share the feelings and experiences of their end users—the patients—can have benefits for a wide population.”

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