Proprio Featured in TechCrunch Feature Story


Proprio's innovative approach to surgical navigation has been featured in TechCrunch. Proprio hosted reporter Devin Coldewey, for an in-person demo at our Seattle offices to give him a firsthand look at the full scope of Paradigm's capabilities.

"Proprio is a startup that aims to completely change how this and other procedures are accomplished by, mapping detailed pre-operative scans to a real-time 3D representation of the patient’s anatomy, running through a complex suite of sensors that monitor movements and changes at a sub-millimeter level.

The company’s first product, Paradigm, is a real-time surgery guidance device comprising a complex multi-camera imager and a display that shows exactly what a surgeon needs to know in order to drive a screw down the exact trajectory necessary to attach the brace without splitting the vertebra or piercing the spinal cord and crippling the patient."

Read the full TechCrunch article here.

Learn more about our surgical technology at Proprio here.