Proprio and Gabriel Jones Featured In Geekwire; Proprio’s Innovative Platform Shines as a Surgical Gamechanger


Today, Proprio and our CEO and co-founder Gabriel Jones were featured on Geekwire in a piece titled “Seattle startup aims to change surgery using AI, computer vision and augmented reality.”
Geekwire reporter, Charlotte Schubert, visited our Proprio offices and experienced an exclusive tour and demo of Proprio’s headquarters and technology.

Proprio‘s technology enables surgeons to see key structures on a screen in three dimensions in real time. The system helps clinicians place incisions and guide placement of hardware, such as devices that can help straighten a spine.”

“For surgeons, that’s incredibly important,” he said. “They need to understand how the anatomy and the biology react, how they can treat it.” The company, said Jones, is “about enhancing what clinicians can do.”

Read more about Proprio’s revolutionary technology here.

The full Geekwire article can be found here.