Enabling Technologies: The Future of Differentiation in Spinal Surgery


Proprio’s Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, Tommy Carls, has been featured in  Orthopedic Design Technology.

His article, entitled Enabling Technologies: The Future of Differentiation in Spinal Surgery, discusses the importance of prioritizing enabling technologies and navigational development in spinal surgery. While the spinal implant industry has been considered relatively stagnant for quite some time, the key to developing new technologies is through creating products that offer new, but proven, benefits to spinal surgery.

“I believe the future of differentiation is an enabling technology that works with a variety of implants and fills a unique need, providing real-time information during surgery. While I think that could be threatening or disruptive to implant companies that are still operating in the 1990s era of spine technology development, I believe it is a strong path forward for our industry.”

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