Proprio Featured In Medical Design & Outsourcing; Proprio’s Data-Informed Approach to Platform Development


Following the recent announcement about Proprio’s unique data-centric approach to platform development, Proprio has been featured in Medical Design & Outsourcing in an article entitled “Proprio’s OR navigation system could improve orthopedic surgeries.”

The article includes key information about Proprio’s unique approach to data capture and includes insight from an interview with Proprio’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, Tommy Carls.

“‘Because we’ve digitized the entire scene — the anatomy, the soft tissue, everything there — and we are also understanding the exact location of the instrument or implant that the surgeon is placing into the spine, we can do a boundary analysis on what happens if these two cross and provide a warning if you’re one or two millimeters away, before they make that critical error,’ Carls said.”

Read more about Proprio’s unique approach to data capture here.

The full Medical Design & Outsourcing article can be found here.