Proprio’s CEO and Co-Founder Discusses Proprio’s Transformative Technology on LSI Emerging MedTech Today


Proprio CEO and co-Founder, Gabriel Jones, and Alan Cohen, General Partner at DCVC, were featured on LSI’s Emerging MedTech Today podcast, where they discussed surgical innovation and what makes Paradigm’s real-time surgical navigation technology so critical.

In the episode titled “Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in Surgery with Proprio and DCVC,” Jones and Cohen discuss data-driven solutions, navigating funding in a difficult financial environment, and Proprio’s approach to improving surgical outcomes.

“75% of spine surgery is not navigated today, even though it really should be the standard of care. And you end up asking yourself the question, is it about a microscope and visualization, or is about knowing where you are in 3D space at all times? Is it about enhanced, proprioception? And actually, when we made that leap to understanding that was the true pain point or the true opportunity is when we started incorporating the ability to navigate in 3D in real time."

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Listen to the full episode here.