The Medsider Podcast hosts CEO and Co-Founder Gabriel Jones to discuss Building A Successful Medical Innovation


Proprio CEO and Co-Founder, Gabriel Jones, was featured on the Medsider podcast, where he discussed what led to the creation of Proprio and his advice on building a medical technology company.

In the episode titled “Doing Well by Doing Good,” Jones discusses raising capital in a difficult environment, creating a lasting impact, and integrating leadership into business strategy.

“This is the best time to invent and build something at the intersection of medicine and technology. Just think about the low-hanging fruit and how big and juicy those fruits are. I would appeal to their humanity and say, ‘Come build something that matters’. I’d appeal to their capitalistic nature because we can be altruists and capitalists. Come build something profitable, impactful and fulfilling because there’s never been a better time."

Watch the full episode here.

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