Proprio CEO & Chief Medical Officer Featured on VatorNews Podcast


Recently, Proprio co-founders Gabriel Jones (CEO) and Dr. Samuel Browd (CMO) were featured on VatorNews podcast, a digital publication for entrepreneurs and investors, particularly in the medtech space.

Throughout the conversation, Jones and Dr. Browd emphasize the key opportunities associated with combining machine learning, computer vision, light field technology, and augmented/virtual reality to improve the efficiency and accuracy of surgery. They also highlight the drastic differences between the futuristic technology for consumers compared to the more antiquated processes within the operating room. As Dr. Browd notes:

“This is the insanity of [the lack of modern technology in today’s operating room], right? You go somewhere else and there’s so much technology applied every minute of your day just navigating your car from point to point, you have your own supercomputer in your pocket whereas I go into the operating room and I literally have x-rays that are taken and I’m mentally creating this framework upon which I’m basing probably the most important moment of your life…”

Listen to the full episode with Jones and Dr. Browd as they discuss Proprio and the future of surgery here:

Learn more about Proprio’s technology here.