Proprio VP of Product & Marketing Featured in MedTech Intelligence


Tommy Carls, Vice President of Product & Marketing at Proprio, has been featured in global medical device publication, MedTech Intelligence.

Carls’ article, “How Both Low and High-Risk Innovations Play a Role as Change Agents”,  highlights the importance of industry startups and legacy companies coming together to spur actionable innovation. As he notes:

Both established companies and new, eager startups play important roles in the medical innovation environment. But significant change in the medtech industry is going to come from outside of the big players. We need startups who are willing to make high-risk, high-reward decisions and legacy companies who are willing to invest in and acquire new technology companies. This symbiotic relationship is important to help achieve the ultimate goal: improved patient care via innovative therapies.

Carls’ complete article can be found in MedTech Intelligence here.

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