Proprio Co-founder & CMO Dr. Samuel Browd published in Fast Company


Proprio co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Samuel Browd was recently published in Fast Company for his feature, “How telemedicine in the operating room will change surgery”.

Highlighting the future of surgery and the increased opportunities for democratization of surgical education, training, and development through telemedicine, Dr. Browd’s article highlights a new approach to surgery, and emphasizes the importance of blending innovative technology with surgical expertise to create a modernized operating room.

“Telemedicine is rising, and while it’s still early, telesurgery will grow allowing the democratization of surgery through access to training, mentorship, and dissemination of surgical knowledge,” Dr. Browd emphasizes. “The ability to train repeatedly on real cases, on-demand will expand access to surgery and improve training world-wide. The sooner we enable the digital evolution in the operating room and empower surgeons with technology the better.”

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